Reverie Recap: Despedida S01E08

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Reverie Recap: Despedida S01E08

In the previous episode, we got to see Reverie’s potential to be used for evil purposes. We saw that Reverie injury can translate to reality. We also saw that Mara has hooked back up with an old boyfriend.

Let’s see what this week brings.

‘I was wondering when you’d finally get up.’

So Mara and Chris spent the night together. They talk a little. They decide getting back together might just be ok.

We see  our next patient–and older woman in a care facility. She’s lugging around an oxygen tank. She goes into Reverie, and it looks like she really needed that escape. She goes in, and she looks like a young woman. She’s in some Central or South American city, and it looks like she’s visiting a beau.

The director of the care facility brings her to OniraTech, and he’s pissed off. If she doesn’t come out of Reverie, he’s kicking her out.

Naturally,  Mara goes in after her.

Her name is Pilar. Pilar explains to Mara that she’d much rather be there instead of in the care home. She knows she’s dying from cancer, and the care home sucks. Plus, it’s obvious there’s something she’s trying to do there–she calls it her ‘second chance’.

After a huge gunfight, Mara is booted into reality. She finds out that in the past, Pilar was in Santiago, Chile during a military coup.

‘It’s getting better.’

Paul is worried about Mara’s bruise from when she was shot. It should not have happened. Mara is remarkably chill about it.

When Mara goes back in Pilar’s Reverie, she finds her in a mission full of children, and that Pilar has a beau in the resistance. So of course, Mara thinks the whole thing is about the beau.

Paul talks to Lexie about Mara’s bruise. Lexie doesn’t really believe him. It gets them talking about Oliver. Lexie calls Oliver to ask about it.

Mara texts Chris during the day.

Mara also plans with the guys to give Pilar the chance to save her beau, who apparently died during the coup. She finds out, though, that it really wasn’t what Pilar wanted at all. She intended to save the children hiding in the mission. The military take the children.

Mara finds out from Pilar that in reality, Pilar had saved the children. She wanted to do it again, so she felt like her life had purpose.

‘It’s good to see you.’

Lexie visits Oliver to talk to him about what happened to Mara. She asks for his help. He suggests that the crossed Reveries might have done it, and gives her a file number for a memo that has suggestions on safeguards. He also gets pretty pissed off when he figures out that the source code was in the hands of the military.

Mara starts planning. They’re going to have to rescue the children. So of course, they do. Pilar comes out of the reverie. She’s back to her boring life at the care home.

Mara learns that Pilar lost track of the children in real life, so she tracks them down to come to the care home. One of the little girls she saved brings her whole family, including a daughter named after her.


We see Oliver talking to that OniraTech security guard, the one he plotted with to get him a BCI and tablet. He delivers it, and Oliver goes straight into a reverie while sitting in a crowded bar.

Mara comes home to find Chris already there. She gets a cell phone call from Chris about the text she sent, while he’s standing there. Uh oh.

The whole relationship has been a derealization. They haven’t actually seen each other since the ballerina incident.

Mara is understandably upset. Chris’ face flashed into her brother in law’s, and says ‘I’m here for a reason, Mara.’



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