Star Trek Losses December 2019

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Star Trek

This has been a rough few months for Star Trek fans worldwide. From the deaths of our beloved Odo, Rene Auberjonois just today, to the brilliant writer and editor D C Fontana last week. September saw the loss of Aaron Eisenburg, most known for his portrayal of Nog on Star Trek Deep Space: 9. Barbara March, who was Lursa Duras to us on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and on Deep Space: 9 left us in August.

D.C. Fontana gave us most of the backstory of Mr. Spock and his half Vulcan heritage as well as editing and writing additional episodes. She also wrote for TNG and for DS: 9, among many other TV shows.

Rene Auberjonois has a long acting career, from Broadway to his stint in the hit tv show Benson, the movie version of M*A*S*H, and of course, his years portray Odo, the shape-shifting chief of security on DS:9.

Barbara March graced the large and small screens for us on a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and the motion picture Generations. She will always be known to us a Lursa Duras, on the large and small screens, all the way to our video game screens.

Robert Walker Jr also passed earlier this month. His Star Trek debut as the title character of the episode “Charlie X” was directed by none other than D.C. Fontana

Perhaps the death that had the ST community most rolling over was that of Aron Eisenberg. He played Nog, who is arguably one of the two most famous Ferengi in Star Trek history. Aron was most notably in all seven seasons of Star Trek DS: 9. He also had a number of roles adjacent to Star Trek, including hosting a ST themed podcast,

While 2019 isn’t quite yet over, I’ll be quite happy if no more of my beloved ST actor, writers, producers, or editors pass on. It’s a short time, surely the universe doesn’t need their star dust quite yet?


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Robin LynnStar Trek Losses December 2019