Take a Peek at The Technomancer’s Gameplay

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The Technomancer, a sci-fi RPG from Spiders (Bound by FlameMars: War Logs) is coming soon, so I thought I should probably share some info about it out.

Just what the hell is a “Technomancer”? Well, the name gives off a little hint as to what what they: magic users who use cybernetic implants to increase their latent abilities. You’re given three different fighting styles to utilize. Play as a rogue-type and you favor daggers, stealth, traps, and the like.  A sword-and-board build that lets you concentrate on crafting stronger weapons and shield upgrades. And the final one, that looks like it’s going to be my jam, is using a staff in addition to your electric “magic” abilities. You can also choose to go the route of all three if you feel, but, c’mon, flipping around with that staff and throwing lightning around looks like too much fun to pass over.

There’s the usual character customization for your appearance (although I can’t tell if you can select to play as a female or not). Keeping with the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic vibe, there’s also dialogue trees that affect the main story, skill trees to increase your abilities in your chosen combat expertise (seriously, electricity throwing and staff people!), and companions to join you in your quest that you can build relationships with (although how deep that ends up being, I don’t know yet).

Piqued your interest a bit? Check out the gameplay trailer below. The Technomancer is coming to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on June 28th.

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Jason ArriolaTake a Peek at The Technomancer’s Gameplay