Web Series: 37 Problems by Lisa Ebersole

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37problemsFrom director, creator and star Lisa Ebersole, 37 Problems (an official selection of the Austin Film Festival),  is a new series about fertility, growth, and finally getting your s**t together. The series also features Pej Vahdat (Sneaky Pete, Shameless), Stephanie Sanditz (Snuggle Bunny w/Zosia Mamet, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Joseph Reitman (Townies on ABC, The Drew Carey Show), Catherine Carlen (How To Get Away with Murder), James Morrison (Six Feet Under, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and many other notables.
Amanda (Ebersole) is a struggling 37 year-old screenwriter who’s all about her career, finds out she has one egg left. Suddenly she has to get a guy to fertilize the egg, freeze the egg, or do nothing and live a different life than she imagined. (It’s a comedy, we promise.)
37 Problems is a series about fertility, ambivalence around motherhood, career, and what it’s like to be a single woman in a world where biology still has its clock on you when you desperately wish it didn’t. It’s also a series about what it takes to be happy. Viewers watch as Amanda looks for happiness in work, friends, love, relationships, and the idea of a baby. She’s searching for completion and the series challenges her to find it.
Episode 1 (NSFW version) – “Reality Check” – https://vimeo.com/201981418
Episode 1 (SFW version) – “Reality Check” – https://vimeo.com/201983164
Amanda needs money to finish her web series.  Mom has other plans.
Episode 2 – “Shame” – https://vimeo.com/199577832
Amanda loses something valuable.  September helps her find it.
Episode 3 – “Dreamy” – https://vimeo.com/199582078
Amanda visits a fertility doctor for the first time.
Episode 4 – “Land of the Dead” – https://vimeo.com/199594228
Amanda dreams of her dead Dad and revisits the past.
Episode 5 – “Golden Egg” – https://vimeo.com/199595494
Amanda has her eggs counted.
Episode 6 – “Twins” – https://vimeo.com/199597348
Amanda and September attend a baby shower.
Episode 7 – “Stayin’ Alive” – https://vimeo.com/199601091
Amanda babysits a kid who pushes all her buttons.
Episode 8 – “Special” – https://vimeo.com/199604005
Amanda plans to freeze her eggs.
Episode 9 – “Plus One” – https://vimeo.com/199604896
Amanda contemplates life-changing news.
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37 Problems was an Official Selection at the 2015 Austin Film Festival, won an Honorable Mention at the Brooklyn Web Fest 2016 in the Emerging Voices category, and was also an Official Selection at the 2016 Hollyweb Festival.
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Robin LynnWeb Series: 37 Problems by Lisa Ebersole