Mini Review: La La Land

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review La La Land

Has the backlash started for La La Land? It seems inevitable, as much as the people that love this movie love this movie. I’ll just drill it down – ignore … Read More

Martina O'BoyleMini Review: La La Land

Mini Review: Always Shine

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review Always Shine

It’s tough enough to be a struggling actor, but supporting a best friend’s similar dream while not getting competitive, or jealous, or even paranoid is a bigger ask. In Always … Read More

Martina O'BoyleMini Review: Always Shine

Star Wars Identities

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Star Wars Identities

Star Wars Identities Have you ever taken a magazine “personality” quiz that promises to tell you which, oh, I don’t know, Sex and the City character, Beatle, maniacal despot or … Read More

Martina O'BoyleStar Wars Identities