Concert Review: Greyson Chance Isn’t Going Anywhere

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This past weekend Greyson Chance returned to Los Angeles to take the stage at the historic El Rey Theatre with his reworked Portraits World Tour and he set the place on fire. Full disclosure, this is the second time I’ve seen him this year in support of this album and this show is even better than the first one.

To be fair, most of the songs are the same, largely because he considers this album to be his true debut, but he did touch a bit on his previous EP and his history as a young artist who took off after his Lady Gaga cover. He even teased a bit of that infamous cover and vowed to never play it again as long as he lived.

The night was full of stellar songs and some wise and inspirational words from someone as young as he is. He’s half my age and what he was saying hit me like a knife in the heart. It just shows that age and experience aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive and that music can stretch across any void, any experience, and lifetime. I was nearly brought to tears a few times during the show. These songs are amazing. I’m in love with them all.

Portraits as an album has been with me on a daily basis since its release several months ago and seeing these songs live is an incredible experience. Greyson is a visionary talent. His musicality is on full display from taking center stage at the mic to playing piano. His vocals are nearly flawless and his stage presence is that of someone who has been on stage for a lifetime. He rocks out, mellows out, kicks on the lights and sings with the crowd and puts his heart and soul on full display for that crowd to experience.

At one point during the show he talks about nearly quitting music entirely and finding the inspiration and drive to start over and he encourages the audience to do the same and vows to us that as long as we are here to listen he’ll be making music. I hope we can hold him to that because if this album and this tour are any indication, Greyson Chance is an artist we need. An artist that speaks to the masses, gay straight whatever.

If you are able to check him out and see the Portraits World Tour for yourself, I implore you to do so. This kid is a superstar, an artist, a voice that sings personal truths that are relatable to very nearly anyone.

Go see him. Buy his records. Experience his music any way you can.

Set List:

West Texas
Bleed You Still
Seasons Nineteen
Good as Gold
Black on Black
Back on the Wall
Shut Up
White Roses

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Garon CockrellConcert Review: Greyson Chance Isn’t Going Anywhere