Gaming News: Freedom Squadron Kickstarter Gaining Ground

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For those of you who don’t know, I enjoy tabletop RPG’s, and was very recently introduced to the Savage Worlds universe. It’s a fairly straightforward system, and is rather easy to use. The rules aren’t difficult to understand, and if it’s the first gaming system you’re learning, it’s a good one. It also makes it much easier (and more fun) to immerse yourself in your character and actually role play, instead of just rolling dice. Which is always so much fun.


There’s a new chapter/line coming out for Savage Worlds, and it’s called Freedom Squadron. It’s a love letter to 80’s action. The TV shows, the movies, the action figures…It’s all about the love. And to quote the designers of the game, “Freedom Squadron is a high-octane “Love Letter to 80’s Cartoon Action Heroes,” featuring new rules and new options for Savage Worlds. ”


Here is the Kickstarter page for Freedom Squadron, so that you can read all the information, and back it for yourself.



There’s a ton of things I can say about Freedom Squadron, but maybe you should watch our most recent livestream. It should answer a number of questions, that you may have, and it’ll also give you some awesome introduction to Freedom Squadron. You’ll also get to watch me play, and you can see how easy it is for someone new to Savage Worlds to pick the game mechanics up quickly and easily. I’m the blonde wearing black and glasses, so I’m easy to notice. And you’ll also notice, one of my partners in crime in this video is another lady gamer. The creative team behind Freedom Squadron is filled with women, a number of the players are women, and I’m hoping that many more women get interested in Freedom Squadron after seeing this. And yes, my codename is Agent BEAUTY if that makes it easier to identify me in livestreams, comments, etc.

Freedom Squadron livestream 18 March 2018


I’ll be posting more about Freedom Squadron as I play with it more, and as the campaign hits more awesome milestones. There will be more livestream games, and if you help us reach that goal of 450 backers, I’ll be part of the crew staying up for those last 24 hours, and you can watch us devolve into fits and giggles as we play. And at each subsequent livestream, I’ll post the information here, so that you can watch us live, and ask questions you may have for us.

And remember, FOR FREEDOM!!

Agent BEAUTY signing out!


Freedom Squadron can be followed at:

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Freedom Squadron FB Page

Freedom Squadron: Global Operations Force










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Robin LynnGaming News: Freedom Squadron Kickstarter Gaining Ground