Lucifer Recap: Chloe Does Lucifer

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Lucifer Recap: Chloe Does Lucifer

Lucifer is clearly getting closer to Chloe and Trixie, as we begin the episode with the trio playing Monopoly.

Trixie is clearly learning things from Lucifer, as she extorts money from him when she picks the token he wants–the top hat.

Amenadiel has decided he’s his brother’s keeper, but he has to rub in the fact that Luci is coming dangerously close to domesticity when his usual evenings of wine, women and song have turned to wine, Chloe and Trixie, and a night of Monopoly and Karaoke. Luci is now afraid of being boring.

“Hashtag Shoe”

Their murder case is of a deceptively boring seeming victim, who turns out to be a lot more interesting than she looked. This leads to an investigation of an exclusive dating app, and an undercover opportunity for Chloe. Except in this case, it’s assumed she needs to be a lot more interesting to get into the dating app’s party–a lot more like Lucifer, in fact. This turns into a cringe-worthy and disastrous exercise in discovering she’s better off being herself.

Charlotte decides she needs help to turn her life around so she doesn’t go back to Hell, and that the perfect person to help her is the effervescently cheerful and kind Ella. Ella is…disturbed at the prospect. She ducks and dodges Charlotte until she can’t anymore. Charlotte decides that the best way to start at being good is to get a job with the D.A.’s office, where she’ll be working hand in hand with the police station.

Things with Charlotte and Dan are also still painfully awkward.

“Being a celestial insider really sucks.”

Amenadiel helps Linda plan her ex’s funeral, and she begins confiding in Amenadiel. She talks about her brush with death, and how she feels now that she knows everything she does about the bigger picture. She’s scared and anxious and sad. He reassures her that he doesn’t know everything either.

The episode overall is nothing looking like what it seems, but being ones self is never a bad idea.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: Chloe Does Lucifer