Lucifer Recap: Off the Record

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Lucifer recap s03e07

Lucifer Recap: Off the Record S03E07

Finally, we get some more background on Dr. Linda.

“We have been having some problems lately.”

We start out back in the past a bit, and learn that Dr. Linda was separated from her husband. He observed Lucifer leaving her office, back when Luci was sleeping with her. He decides to learn everything about Lucifer and ruin his life. (The ex is a reporter)

He tags along with Chloe and Lucifer, and learns their partnership is actually legit. Lucifer is honestly helping catch bad guys.

Unfortunately, he also sees Lucifer’s devil face (back when he still had it). He makes it his priority to come up with proof Luci is the devil, so Linda  will stop sleeping with Lucifer. Linda just wants her divorce papers signed.

“Good luck with the punishing.”

We all know that much later, Linda finds out on her own. She comes to terms with it, but her ex doesn’t. He spent exhaustive hours trying to prove who Luci is, and Linda’s acceptance just derails him completely. He tries to steer a serial killer toward Lucifer in order to get him killed.

The killer is one that the police have been after for quite some time, and once he figures out that Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable, he comes up with a plan to get Chloe, the serial killer, and Lucifer in the same room, so when the serial killer goes after Lucifer, he’ll be able to hurt him.

“You’re here to do a story on me?”

He tells the killer a story that makes him want to kill Lucifer (that Lucifer is a liar, which is what inspires the killer to murder in the first place). It backfires on him when the killer decides he really likes Lucifer, and the killer hands off a poisoned drink meant for Lucifer to someone else.

The ex confronts Lucifer directly instead, and Lucifer tells him that he’s not responsible for sending souls to Hell–humans send themselves with their own guilt. He says Linda is probably ok with him because he told her the truth.

The ex runs off to Linda to see if she will forgive him. She doesn’t, but he decides he should set everything right anyway. He tries to trap the serial killer to turn him in, and while it works, he still gets poisoned by the killer. We see the episode loop back to where it started, with him getting out of bed in a hospital.

He’s dead, and this is his Hell. It all  starts again.

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