Lucifer Recap: Vegas With Some Radish

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Lucifer Recap: Vegas With Some Radish

This was a great episode. We learn more about Ella, and see Lucifer at his best. And more Tom Ellis singing.

“I kinda have a thing with Vegas.”

The episode starts with Lucifer helping Chloe celebrate her birthday by sending her a stripper at work. Then, he gets a call from Las Vegas police–Candy, his ex-wife, is missing.

He and Ella go to Vegas to see what’s going on, and they walk into a crime scene where it looks like someone has murdered Candy…except it’s not her. At this point, Luci and Ella are definitely on the case themselves. They have to find Candy and who wanted to kill her.

Chloe goes looking for Lucifer at Linda’s office. They end up going to Lucifer’s penthouse to look for him, and end up partying themselves.

We find out the backstory between Candy and Lucifer–how he came to help Candy by getting a loan shark off her back and she did the whole fake married thing to throw off Chloe’s interest.

“This town is always up for an encore.”

Chloe and Linda find a locked safe in Lucifer’s penthouse during their impromptu party, and try to get it open. They enlist Dan’s help, but to no avail.

Turns out Ella’s problem with Vegas is that she used to count cards and has been banned from every casino on the strip.

They finally find Candy, and in the process of trapping the killer we get treated to more song–Luci sings ‘Luck Be a Lady’ while pretending to be the new owner of Candy’s nightclub. The ownership of the nightclub was what the killer was after all along.

They catch the killer (he was the bartender), and Ella figures out that Luci used Candy to push Chloe away. When they get back to LA, Luci finds the penthouse-crashers passed out on his couch, and the wall around his safe gouged. He finds their curiosity amusing, and opens the safe to reveal that the only thing in it is Chloe’s birthday gift–a necklace made from the bullet she shot Lucifer with. We get gifted with a gem of a one liner:

“I thought since I’m not likely to ever penetrate you, I’d commemorate the one time you penetrated me.”
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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: Vegas With Some Radish