Midnight, Texas Recap: Last Temptation of Midnight

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Yikes. So, is Manfred coming back to Midnight?

Let’s find out.

Midnight, Texas Recap: Last Temptation of Midnight

A creepy no-faced thing is praying to the devil in a churchyard and steals the face and appearance of the priest that happens upon him.

Well, then.

Xylda harasses Manfred to go back to Midnight. He’s running out of pills, and he’s stubborn. She tells him she had a vision that corroborates Joe’s theory.

Lem is losing control over his desires. He’s trying to take more than Olivia wants, and her blood looks mighty tempting.

Olivia is pissed at Manfred for leaving. Creek is sleeping at Fiji’s, because she can’t bear to go home.

The Rev has started eating meet. Everyone is slipping due to the Hellmouth.

Dead Things

Fiji has a client who steals an athame and tries to stab herself to death in the crossroads to bring the demon. So, they are keeping this part from the books. They figure out the demon is feeding on death to get stronger. This is why things are dying.

The caravan breaks down, leaving Manfred by the side of the road. We see more of Manfred’s past–he was shunned by other little kids when he was young, because he used to play with spirit kids, and it looked like he was playing by himself. His mother gave him to Xylda so he’d be with someone who understood him.

He has no signal out in the middle of nowhere, so he goes walking off into the desert to find a gas station or some kind of civilization. He starts walking in the direction of Midnight.

Olivia is starting to worry about Lem and The Rev.

Creek’s dad left her the deed to their house for her trouble. She doesn’t want it. She wants Lem to leech her pain away, but Olivia gets jealous and chases her off. Lem gets a bit mad at that. He asks Olivia to at least warn him when she plans to leave him.


Manfred passes out from dehydration. We see a bit more of his past, with Xylda deciding to drink because she knows she’s dying. She doesn’t want to be tied to the RV when she dies, but obviously, she sees Manfred needs her and this is how she ends up tied to the RV.

However, she’s somehow able to wake him up on the side of the road to tell him about her vision, and that he doesn’t need her anymore. She’s moving on.

The face stealing demon takes a dump truck driver’s face and piles the bodies in the back. He’s driving toward Midnight, when he spots Manny and picks him up. Manny picks up on the whole demon thing pretty quick when he sees the dead victims and he jumps out, but gets in the back of the dump truck to hitch a ride to Midnight. He pretends to be a corpse when the demon dumps the contents at the crossroad.

Lem comes pretty close to biting Olivia. She’s really on edge now.

Fiji cooks up a potion for the residents to not feel the influence of the Hellmouth. She gets to Creek just in time as Creek tries to kill herself for the demon. She also just gets there in time for Olivia and Lem, when Lem tries to attack and turn Olivia, and Olivia is about ready to kill Lem.


Faceless tries to burn the bodies to sacrifice them for a demon called Colconnar. He also grabs Fiji. Manfred directs the spirits of the dead men to drag faceless back to hell.

Bobo vows to keep Fiji safe from Colconnar. Oh, Bobo, if you only knew… (but then, we don’t know how much they’re following the book.)

Creek makes up with Manfred, sort of. Manfred says he’s staying, and he’ll wait for Creek whenever she’s ready to pick back up again.

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