The Most Satisfying Game of Thrones Deaths (So Far)

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Having come a long way into its viewers’ hearts, this epic TV series is one of its kind. With Game of Thrones, it has led to an increasing fan-base enjoying the series along with the TV show’s increasing suspense. There are many best online casinos in UK that are providing a great experience to the users through their Game of Thrones themed slots.

It has been a long and a hard journey for every character in the Game of Thrones. People have been killed by their skulls being crushed, throats slit and getting eaten by hounds. Some of these deaths were (and will always sound) gross, but some were satisfying for the viewers to watch.

Below, some of the most satisfying deaths on Game of Thrones that we have come across
  1. Joffrey Baratheon (or Lannister?) – Most of you would agree that he was the most hated character for a long time on the show. He was an immature and a naive king, well who killed NED STARK! Watching him choke to death while his face turning purple in Cersei’s arms was a sight a true GoT (Games of Thrones) fan wouldn’t miss for the world. He was poisoned by Olenna Tyrell, obviously, as revealed in the seventh season of the series.
  2. Tywin Lannister- A very powerful character of the seven kingdoms, who acted as the hand to Joffrey, Robert and the Mad King too! He was killed by his own son Tyrion, with a crossbow, sitting on the toilet. Tyrion had been accused of killing his mother during childbirth and tortured ever since. He could not take it anymore when he found Tywin sleeping with the woman he loved.
  3. Walder Frey- The red wedding left a deadly impression on all of GoT fans, which was now slightly washed off as Arya slit Frey’s throat. Before the slit, she feeds the killer of her family with a pie made of his very own sons. Arya is turning out to be one hell of a killer and avenging the deaths of every member of her family.
  4. Olenna Tyrell- We could not see her die, but what we could see was the expression on Jamie’s face when he got to know that she was the one who killed his son, Joffrey. Before Jamie could think of some painful way for her to die and take the matter into his own HAND, Olenna had already drunk the poisoned wine. A satisfying moment to see Olenna confess her crime before she died.
  5. Ramsay Bolton- The loudest of all cheers were witnessed at the death of Ramsay Bolton. He had done some horrible deeds. Hunted women in the woods, sexually assaulted Sansa and cut off Theon Greyjoy’s junk. Gross! He met his end by being eaten alive by his own wild hounds as Sansa Stark heroically walked out. It was a highly satisfying moment for all.

All of these demises were much deserved by these characters. Now, as the show is coming to its closing, the makers will make sure by witnessing more of such deaths with the sad part being the deaths of the good characters as well. So if you are a true GoT fan, it is recommended to try Game of Thrones slots at online Casinos and other casino games as well as Online Pokies NZ. But as a wise person once said “Words are the wind, my friend. Words are the wind.”

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Garon CockrellThe Most Satisfying Game of Thrones Deaths (So Far)