Concert Review: Dire Peril in Colorado Springs

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Dire Peril

Recently, PCB was lucky enough to attend a live show by a great band by the name of Dire Peril. They released their latest album The Extraterrestrial Compendium on 09 November, and are touring with Seven Kingdoms in support of this album.

Dire Peril is described as Sci-Fi/Powermetal, and this fits, but they’ve also got a great melodious and grand rock sound as well. They put on a fantastic live show, and their sound live is comparable to the album. The band members include founding members Jason Ashcraft (who manages Rhythm, Lead, Acoustic, Bass Guitars) and John Yelland (who provides some brilliant vocals), and also touring members Chelsea McMasters (also covers the Bass), Balmore Lemus (who tears up some Lead Guitar), and Alex Bosson (providing the pounding Drums); all contribute to a wall of sound. But it’s a wall that interconnects and blends wonderfully. No one overly dominates the sound, each member gets a moment in the sun.

Here is the video of their single “Blood in the Ice” Give it a look, and follow the band on their YouTube channel as well.


Enjoy some of the photos that my Comrade of Destruction took, and share the happiness with us.

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Robin LynnConcert Review: Dire Peril in Colorado Springs