Here Are May’s Legendary Pokémon!

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May has begun and that means there are new Pokémon available for those of us with Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Alpha Saphirre, and Pokémon Omega Ruby. May brings more than the previous months have, with a total of seven Pokémon up for grabs. Let’s start with the easy ones.

Zygrade is up for grabs through May 8th. Zygrade is a dragon/ground type Pokémon and is one of the legendary Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. The form you get it in is at its fifty percent form, one of a few forms it can take on. You can snag Zygrade up as a Mystery Gift.


From May 11th through the 17th you can get the fairy type Xerneas, the legendary Pokémon from Pokémon X through Mystery Gift. Not only that, but Xerneas will also be a shiny! So if you’ve never caught a shiny Pokémon before, here’s your chance! I caught a shiny in Pokémon X…a Psyduck. You can imagine my excitement.


My shiny Psyduck could take it.


From May 20th through the 28th, you can pick up a Yveltal, a dark and flying type, through Mystery Gift. Yveltal is a legendary from Pokémon and will also be a shiny. I clearly don’t need it, I have a shiny Psyduck.


Shiny Psyduck be whipping dat ass.


Now come the less easy Pokémon.

First off, you can get a Darkrai, a dark type Pokémon, by going to participating Gamestop locations and getting a card that will have a download code for it. Darkrai will be level 100, have the ability Bad Dreams, will be holding an Enigma Berry, and will have the moves Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Nightmare, and Feint Attack.


And finally, you can get the three legendary bird Pokémon from the original generation if you were signed up for the Pokémon newletter.

Articuno is a flying and ice type that will have the Hidden Ability Snowcloak.


Moltres is a flying and fire type with the Hidden Ability Flame Body.


And finally, Zapdos is a flying and electric type with the Hidden Ability Static.

Zapdos Pokemon

You had until April 22nd to get signed up, so it’s too late if you haven’t done so already. I just got the codes for mine emailed to me today, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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Jason ArriolaHere Are May’s Legendary Pokémon!