UK October Shows: Impractical Jokers and Brad Paisley

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Impractical Jokers London

Brad Paisley, Impractical Jokers at the O2

We love it when a press release subject line causes a smile. Pop Culture Beast UK received this one recently: “Brad Paisley and Impractical Jokers announced at The O2”.

For a hot second we were hoping this was a one-two line up.

No, but cut us some slack – we might have had lunchtime drinks when we received the email, but thinking about it, Brad Paisley is fun! He makes great music and loves goofing off in front of the cameras when he can. Somehow the Nashville star hanging with the New York Impractical Jokers guys seems possible, right, we say, wishing more than knowing? Double bill? Noo?

No. But, so, aww nuts, diligent research (two Google clicks) show the acts will be at the O2 London, yes, but on different nights in October of this year. Drat.

Both O2 shows are worth your attention.

The Impractical Jokers, the American ones, if you don’t know, have a popular prank show on truTV- a niche US channel with viewing numbers that surely spike after Bong-thirty. I have watched it with my college-age nephews, devoted fans of the show, and I’ve started to love these guys. The concept is diabolically simple – four 40something lifelong friends (and their clever production crew) construct hidden-camera dares for each other in malls, car lots, dentist offices, etc. The watchability comes from the fact that most of these simple jests involve, but don’t injure or humiliate, civilians.

Impractical Jokers: Naughty but Nice

It might just be me but any show where the dupe has their day ruined only to be forced to smile after a tv reveal, like, hey Chuck, no, man, we didn’t burn down your wedding venue! Just your tux! and we kidnapped your best man and now look, it’s the Six Flags guy! Ha! Smile!, erhh, not for me. The Jokers compete to get a civilian to help them do something – find a lost hamster, propose, say a secret word, believe they are the hosts of offkilter marketing seminars… – but no one gets hurt. The four are charming and goofy, and their chemistry and ball-busting of each other power the show.

This US/UK tour  is billed as “The Cranjis McBasketball World Comedy Tour”. Rolls off the tongue, yes? The boys have live comedy chops, starting as an improv group called The Tenderloins, so that should be the meat of the matter (snicker) as far as putting on an enjoyable O2 live show. How will they – or will they – recreate their hilarious tv mano y mano stuff on a big stage? They do surprise though… so, come see the group before they release their planned movie and go big, or possibly are denied visas to return to the UK after pranking you, me and Parliament. The show is at The O2 on Thursday 17 October.

Brad Paisley plays the O2

Meanwhile, NOT on the same night, we have Brad Paisley, chart-topper, hat stylist, superb guitarist and chuckle-buddy of NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (non-American Beasts, you might have missed the duo’s cute insurance adverts). He makes a one night Brad Paisley Londonreturn to the O2 on Saturday 12 October. Wait, one night? Let’s stay tuned, as Paisley has a big UK fanbase and (again, wishing more than knowing) I’d bet he could garner a second night?

The Grammy-winner and charming Grammy-host(er) last played this side of the pond in 2017 when he headlined the Country To Country Festival in London, Glasgow and Dublin. His most recent album Love And War was released that year and hit Number 1 on the US and UK Country charts (and didn’t do badly on the all-around US charts either, peaking at No 13), and he’s going strong with US and Canada dates all spring and summer. I suspect we might be hearing the line “here’s one from an album I’m working on…” from the stage, but hey, Brad, as long as it’s not an attempt at topical rap, I’m in.

Support for the autumn show comes from Chris Lane, listen to him here.


More info on these shows available on the O2 site


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