Review: Postmodern Jukebox in Cincinnati, OH

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In a time when nostalgia and Miley Cyrus are all the rage — Postmodern Jukebox saw a market and ran with it.  

It was fitting that the show was held in a historic theater of downtown Cincinnati. The performance blurred the lines between a concert and a play, with the witty stage banter and elaborate costume changes. There was an even an emcee moving the night along, further giving the impression of something beyond a concert.

What’s special about Postmodern Jukebox is you gain a new appreciation for the pop song being covered as well as the genre it’s covered in. While the song represents the music of today, the styling makes you think about what lead us here. And sure, you have your music connoisseurs who put down Call Me Maybe in the name of a well-done jazz arrangement — but why can’t we have both?

In a fashion similar to a favorite of mine, Here Come The Mummies, the touring group rotates out members. The ensemble of singers put together for this tour are immensely talented and bring a great deal of personality to the stage. Not only that, but I was blown away by the tap dancer that delighted the crowd with each appearance — and dare I say it, stole the show. Everyone was given a chance to shine, whether their talent was hitting those high notes or a clarinet solo.

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For a group that changes by the tour, you would think they’ve been family forever. The bond between them is clear on stage as they cheer each other on during solos, dance with each other, and sing together with smiles on their face. This clear enjoyment enhances the enjoyment for the audience, as you look around to see everyone dancing in their seats and singing along. It was especially a treat when the three powerhouse vocalist females would join each other for a song or two, or when the audience was engaged — as they were during the finale song, being encouraged to harmonize with the band and all.

Speaking of the entertained crowd — I was fascinated by the loyal fanbase. It seemed every other seat was dotted with somebody in a tee shirt from a previous tour, but the real treat was the presence of people in costume. I had the pleasure of talking to two girls who were sitting first row, decked out in full flapper costume, there to celebrate their birthdays. Apparently, it’s not out of place to have elaborate outfits for the show, as the emcee asked for cheers from everyone who dressed up that night. Sure enough, you could look around and see red lipstick and fringe galore.

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So, coming from someone who goes to a lot of concerts, this is a must see if you want a change of pace. You’ll get to hear all of your favorites from a wide variety of genres reimagined like never before, and the atmosphere will take you back in the best way.

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Hannah WilsonReview: Postmodern Jukebox in Cincinnati, OH