DirectTV Now Blesses Us With Michael B. Jordan

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This might seem like an advertorial or letter from a publicist, but it really isn’t. Michael B. JordanThis is really just an excuse to post about the awesome Michael B. Jordan, whom I love. He’s featured in the next set of DirecTV Now commercials talking about cutting cords and all that.

We actually might do a review of the service at some point as it does seen pretty attractive for getting rid of cable, especially for AT&T Unlimited Choice and AT&T Unlimited Plus customers who can get it for just $10/month after a $25 credit. Sounds great, but this is about Michael selling it to us.

If you’re as big an MBJ fan as I am, feel free to check out the four spots below and enjoy Michael flying, with a wood chipper, in a pool, and generally being cool.

You can also see Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther this February!


Contracts B. Gone

Can You B.Lieve It

Cable B. Ware

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Garon CockrellDirectTV Now Blesses Us With Michael B. Jordan